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For the best in family law, estate planning and power of attorney, choose the legal team at CITY LAW OFFICES in AB. CITY LAW OFFICES has a mission to provide legal services to clients in an atmosphere of excellent professionalism dedicated to strong legal and moral ethical standard in which clients’ expectations, needs, satisfaction and solutions are, in the process, engendered. Emmanuel B. Alade, the principal counsel has garnered multi-jurisdictional legal experience spanning more than 14 years.

At City Law Offices, that we have years of legal experience, academic scholarship and worldwide exposure that have imbued us with the capacity to provide unique, personalized and satisfactory legal services to clients of all climes and in many areas of law including but not limited to family law, estate planning, power of attorney and more. Read on to learn more about our numerous legal services.

Real Estate Sale and Purchase/Mortgage/Refinancing

Real estate transaction is the largest single investment decision that most of us will make in our lifetime and CITY LAW OFFICES is committed to ensuring that this experience is devoid of needless hassles and complications. We handle real estate nitty-gritty for our clients to ensure that the process of selling and buying real estate properties is smooth and easy. Commencing from the moment that the agreements are executed through to the registration of land title documents, we represent our clients` best interest by painstakingly reviewing the fine prints of all legal documents and by providing our clients with thorough follow-up and feedbacks.

Will and Testament, Estate Planning/Estate Administration

Acquisition of material wealth is not an end in itself, there should be a way to keep the wealth in the family after acquisition. At CITY LAW OFFICES, we provide our clients with the process of preserving and protecting their hard-earned wealth even after their demise. Our Will and Estate department will assist you in drawing up a Will and other Estate Planning documents that ensure that your “Will is done on earth even while you are in heaven.”

Power Of Attorney/Personal Directives

Adoption approved

A combination of vicissitudes of life and unforeseen contingencies can conspire together to deprive you of your ability to control your affairs while you are still alive. Our office is well suited to provide you with the tools to prepare for these personal and domestic “rainy days.” With our astuteness and ability to draft comprehensive and all-encompassing Power of Attorney and Personal Directive, all future eventualities are prepared for and the law is put on your side.

Family Law, Adoption and Pre-Cohabitation and Cohabitation Issues

The family still remains the core of our civilization, albeit our law has recognized variants of families.

Our society has enacted laws to regulate evolution of these variants and how to mitigate hardship and alleviate pains to its members, most especially its vulnerable ones, on dissolution. At CITY LAW OFFICES, we are conversant with the laws that regulate these many relationships prior to, during and even after its dissolution.

Corporate/Commercial/Small Business Consultation

At CITY LAW OFFICES, we provide legal logistics and supports for small and upcoming businesses. Our offices serve as the record office for incorporated companies, professional corporations, and small businesses that rely heavily on our assiduity to keep their statutory requirements up to date and to procure and provide timely, adequate and current regulatory framework within which their operations are successfully accomplished.

Immigration/Refugee Law and Practice

We provide legal assistance to some of the yearly immigrants to Canada.

We also assist refugee applicants and in-Canada immigration applicants to navigate the cumbersome Immigration procedure and we ensure that our clients are fully settled into the system by providing them with adequate information that could enhance their prompt settlement when they eventually ‘immigrate’ into the country.

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Claims

If you have been involved in auto accident or suffer other personal injuries, we are here to pursue your damages against the culprits and their insurance companies to ensure that you are adequately compensated. We are prepared to take your case by way of contingency fees arrangement. We have succeeded in accomplishing satisfactory resolution on behalf our numerous clients.

Criminal Law

Due to action or inaction on their part or due to circumstances beyond their control, some of our clients face criminal allegations. There are ways in which their positions in regard to these travail can be properly and adequately channeled that will ensure that their predicament are resolved and addressed without long-term negative consequences on their lives. At CITY LAW OFFICES, we always assist our clients to resolve their legal travails smoothly through the legal system.


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